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Who We Are

TradeSite is developed by Solent Wholesale Carpet Company, an independent carpet wholesaler on the south coast of England. We noticed how the industry was changing and a lot more focus was being paid to the internet, as Allied Carpets had closed the vast majority of their stores and Carpetright were announcing big losses, again closing stores. We noticed that a lot more "online carpet shops" were opening up. Now we know that carpets cant really be bought and sold on the internet, but after a lot of our customers expressing their concerns over internet trading, we decided to start TradeSite.

Why Use TradeSite?

We know that trade services and goods can never be fully sold and traded over the internet, however what we did realise that an internet presence is key. However, the fuss, hassle and the cost of setting up a website just didn't appeal to a lot of people. What we decided was, tradesmen such as yourselves wanted a website, with very little hassle, very small costs and one that made you appear on search engines (such as Google).

Global services

  • You can pick your website style from a list of pre-defined web pages
  • Easily tell us what content you want where
  • Add your own pictures
  • You dont have to do any of the work, we take care of everything
  • You can be up and running with next to no hassle or inconvenience (you can even do it all over the phone if you want to)


Just like you, we are skilled individuals, we know most of the time your customers couldn't care how the job is done, as long as it gets sorted. But we all know you have those customers who want to know every last detail. If you would like to know more about the technology used here at TradeSite, take a look at our technical page.
And that's the story so far. TradeSite is owned, managed and operated by Solent Wholesale and all invoices and charges will be invoiced through Solent. If you have any questions, queries or anything at all, please get in touch.